An exchange of gestures that at first might seem personal, then again conventional, repeatable, worn, almost ironical.
What constitutes the identity of contemporary body and what is at stake here? Stretched between the expression that belongs to someone else and the embodied experience of self-perception, the body steps out of the territory defined by these two opposing modes. The body keeps transcending its own fixed condition and continues to change, moving towards new forms and attitudes.
The setup of this experiment involves three individuals, each of whom has exercised and mastered a specific body language. Individual gestures and types of movement will be deconstructed, passed from one person to another and further. BLUFF will culminate in one dance solo, built on sequences of movements brought together by three different performers. This solo will try to give an embodied answer to the question: is there a dance that explains itself?

Bluff from Gilles Polet on Vimeo.trailer by Damien Krisl

Zürich, Zwitserland - 2009

Concept and Choreography: Alexandra Bachzetsis

Saga Sigurdardottir / Island
Franziska Aigner / Austria
Gilles Polet / Belgium

Graphic Design and collaboration concept: Julia Born
Music: Richard Dorfmeister
Light: Tina Bleuler / Patrick Rimann
Costume: Patrizia Jäger
Assistance Choreography: Otobong Nkanga
Sound technician: Lucretia Ehrensperger
Photography: Melanie Hofmann
Assistance: Amber Hickey

Production: Association All Exclusive Zürich, Marion Baumgartner
Promotion and diffusion: Sarah de Ganck
Co-produced with Theaterhaus Gessnerallee Zürich und Kaserne Basel

Supported by:
Präsidialdepartment der Stadt Zürich
Pro-Helvetia Schweizer Kulturstiftung
Fachstelle Kultur Kanton Zürich
Kulturelles BL
LUMA Foundation